Producer EREZ Shares Hypnotic Track “Dance It Away”

Los Angeles-via-Israel producer EREZ wanted to explore the powers of dance with her hypnotic new single “Dance It Away”. With a trance-like energy, the new single draws in listeners with a subtle groove and psychedelic production, entirely self-produced by EREZ.

As a woman, I didn’t want to feel like I had to rely on anyone to get my records done. I feel like producing my own music has given me complete sonic freedom to execute my vision to the max of my ability in the moment I’m creating,” she explains. “The musical landscapes I carve out are unique and feel like me. I’ve been lucky enough to never have a voice in my head of ‘will they like it’ while creating. I only create what I love and enjoy listening to.”

On “Dance It Away”, her smokey vocals croon over a cyclical piano melody as more and more details and textures flood in before unleashing into a trippy, psych-pop dance piece. EREZ elaborates: “I’m so deep into dance and the journey it takes you on. I love the sexiness of it, I love the passion behind it, I love the energy it creates between people, I love the speed, I love the intention in every movement I make when I dance, I love the improvised choreography and the freedom of the moment. The only way to truly enjoy the dance floor is by letting it be your boss. Once you do that, you’re rewarded with a clear mind and open heart and connection to yourself, the music, the people around you, the world. People are happy when they dance. They’re not judgmental. They’re in tune with their bodies and chemicals. They want to fuck. They want to scream. They want to reach out and in. Dancing is therapy. Mind-body connection. Somatic healing.”

Escape into the song below and stay tuned for more music from EREZ.