Austrian Indie Pop Artist OSKA Finds Peace With New Single “Woodstock”

After making the jump from a small Austrian town to live in the big city of Vienna, indie pop singer-songwriter OSKA dove headfirst into her music career, coming up above water with a sincere and charming style of personal earworms. Her latest single “Woodstock” brings out the sweet, honey-coated qualities of her voice with a warm and vibrant guitar pop melody borrowing hints of ’70s pop and bedroom lo-fi.

Through its warm-spirited demeanour, OSKA finds the optimism in acceptance and apathy, inspired by the legendary music festival itself. “Woodstock is a song about my dumb, old car and getting over the fact that I probably won’t be in someone’s life; just like I’ll never be a part of a festival that took place over 50 years ago. I wish I was but it’s impossible. And that’s okay.”

Alongside the song, OSKA has shared her minimalist music video, keeping her sound and personality stripped back to be vulnerable and relatable simultaneously. Watch below and listen to her previous single “Crooked Teeth” here.