Dancer Kengo Sugino will snap you out of weekday ennui

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The Double Dutch star breaks from the rhythm in the 7 Moncler FRGMT Hiroshi Fujiwara + Converse sneakers

The office job is pushing forward. But the office space is on hiatus. Its neutral carpets have been left unvacuumed—its fluorescent ceiling lights are switched invariably off. Probably, a sense of liminality has overtaken those empty atriums, those long hallways, those glass-walled conference rooms. We can only really imagine.

Xavier Tera’s video for Document does some of the fanciful thinking for us. The film features dancers Kengo Sugino, Japan’s Double Dutch champion, alongside Ko-ya, Keita Jumprock, and Akane Sodemura. Their characters personify the standard rhythms and repetitions of office life—they’re dozing, then restless, then immersed in activity and back again. The scene is turned on its head in a vital twist: Sugino and friends rearrange the office furniture, making space to jump rope. They wear 7 Moncler FRGMT + Converse sneakers, designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara. The sneakers—which come in two distinct styles, Chuck 70 and Jack Purcell—are emblazoned with Moncler / Fragment across the side, and flash around the steady frame to convey a release of tension, a break from the norm—a celebration of playfulness in the least likely environment.

Talent Kengo Sugino, Ko-ya, Keita Jumprock, Akane Sodemura. Hair Miho Emori at KiKi inc. Make-up Ayana Awata. Photo Assistant Raki Shibusawa. Camera Assistant Koichi Furuya. Colorist Simon Boissonneaux. Production Twin Brains Films. Production Assistants Lana Kageyama, Hana Nakao. Soundtrack ‘Work (it) Out’ by Baltra.