MSGM brings men’s streetwear to the beach for Spring 2022

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The Milanese fashion house imagines seaside tropes with a lens of romanticism

A mesmerizing, spiraling soundtrack from neo-trance DJ Lorenzo Senni is mixed with equally hypnotic sounds of the ocean for MSGM’s Spring 2022 menswear presentation. The film follows the melody’s loops, circling the models on a secluded Tuscan beach.

Massimo Giorgetti, the Milanese house’s founder and designer, leans into seaside tropes—a coral long sleeve accented with braided orange rope, a snappish fish knit into a sweater, and a frayed hoodie printed with an oversized crustacean.

Organic hemps, recycled cottons, raw fleeces, and printed lycras dominate the eco-friendly collection. Chunky glasses and woven bucket hats are paired with large shells looped onto necklaces. With this collection, MSGM brings an Italian sensibility and craftsmanship to marine-themed streetwear.

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