Saint Laurent honors the awe-inspiring intensity of nature and the feminine

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Anthony Vaccarello’s latest presentation is a fierce juxtaposition between strength and glamour

Continuing his vision of the Saint Laurent woman, Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello presents Where The Silver Wind Blows set across seemingly barren landscapes, brooding, stormy seas, and melting ice caps. Capturing the essence of unyielding confidence, Vaccarello took inspiration from the ’60s, presenting tweed suits and fur hems paired with flashy yet luxurious ’90s glamour borrowed from the cult musician Peaches.

As the models walked across majestic terrain, there is a juxtaposition between moody mystique and funky psychedelia. Vaccarello pairs black with earth tones and bright color palettes of dazzling gold and metallic greens paired with embroidered patterns, eye-catching beaded earrings, embellished chokers, and other weighty jewelry. Flowing seamlessly, the film’s cinematic cuts display the models embracing the storm and wrath of their surroundings, moving forward as contrasting hues glow against the grey skies. The film invites a parallel between the intensity of nature and feminine, honoring the awe-inspiring power of both.

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