Executive Team And Newsroom Directory

What drives the team at Stereo Saints is the goal to elevate and empower artists. Thanks to the efforts of our exceptional team, we share the highest standard of content that include in-depth interviews, album reviews, and features of popular and up-and-coming stars.

Stereo Saints is lucky to have the finest and most distinct talent on board. Our skilled professionals not only work hard to bring you the most exciting and up-to-date news, but also make sure to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Meet The Talented Team Behind Stereo Saints


Mark Malikov

Managing Editor: 

Amelié Caspe

Chief Editorial Writer: 

Joanna Lopez 

Content Editors: 

Yvette Hadidi, Cara Thomas

Daily Edition Deputy Editor: 

Bella Willson 

Deputy Weekly Edition Editor: 

Nelly Clarkson

We commission members who add value with their knowledge and expertise. 


  • Laura Yang
  • John McCarty
  • Tracy Taylor
  • Felicia Stein
  • William Rivera
  • Gabriel Neal
  • Kristina Nunez
  • Jill White



Anna Lians


Rachel Hartman

Latin America: 

Albert Kaufman


Senior Editor: 

Diane Nováková

Senior Editorial Writer: 

Natalie Morgan

Staff Editors: 

Katie Richards, Dalton Martin


  • Savannah Fowler
  • Chad De Jong
  • Lori Cortez
  • Preston Barnett