4 Small Acts That Have A Huge Impact On The Environment

Being environmentally conscious is more than just recycling, you need to have a clear understanding of how your actions impact the environment.  Below, we have prepared a list of small actions that you can take to make a difference in the environment. 


Willow Smith Opens Up About Her Struggles With Anxiety

During her appearance on “The Yungblud Podcast,” Willow Smith opened up about her struggles with mental health saying: “fragile state.” The pop-punk star then added: “I felt extremely unsafe in my music career in the past.” Smith also added how her performance


You Can Now Kiss Skinny Jeans Goodbye

Skinny Jeans are out, and baggy pants are in – I can’t be happier! The baggy pants are making a comeback after years of struggles with the uncomfortable cut of skinny jeans.  Gen Z’s are now kissing their skinny jeans goodbye, yet

American Football Player Tom Brady Hopes to Play Until 50

The forty-four-year-old legendary quarterback player Tom Brady recently announced that he wishes to play until he is fifty. Yes, that’s right.  During an interview in which the California-born football superstar sits down with his fellow teammate Rob Gronkowski to answer some of

The Webster Unveils Roberta Einer North American Exclusive

London-based designer Roberta Einer has become a force for reinventing the luxury fashion world. She is now bringing exclusive versions of her signature silhouettes to North America with the help of The Webster, a web-driven multi-brand retailer with several physical locations throughout