Bread 101: Your Guide to Bread From Around the World

Bread a.k.a the most popular type of food and yet so diverse. Different people around the world have gifted humanity with different kinds of bread. And, in this article, we’ll introduce 5 of them to you in an easy-to-grasp list.  1 –


You Can Now Kiss Skinny Jeans Goodbye

Skinny Jeans are out, and baggy pants are in – I can’t be happier! The baggy pants are making a comeback after years of struggles with the uncomfortable cut of skinny jeans.  Gen Z’s are now kissing their skinny jeans goodbye, yet

Is China on the Verge of “Digital Dictatorship”?

The People’s Republic of China is among many countries that have been investing in technology. According to many human rights activists, the Bangkok government’s obsession with surveillance will eventually put citizen’s liberty under threat. The Chinese government has installed CCTV cameras in

Notre-Dame de Paris Set To Open in 2024

According to French officials, Notre-Dame de Paris, which in English translates to our lady of Paris, is scheduled to reopen in 2024; five years after the tragic fire that destroyed most of the iconic cathedral. A cathedral which was built hundreds of

The British Government Warns of Panic Buying This Winter

Government sources have called British citizens to avoid panic buying as many have hoped to empty supermarket shelves. In an exclusive interview with Times Radio, Minister Paul Scully mentioned how there is no need for people to leave supermarkets empty. The minister

What Will Happen After Merkel Leaves the Office?

It’s still hard to digest that the German chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing to leave office after 15 years, 294 days to be specific. Under her rule, Germany gained a substantial influence not only in Europe but globally. Many analysts are anticipating