Check Out “How are you doing? 呷飽未?” By The Outstanding Artist DJMIKI886

DJ, rapper and producer DJMIKI886 has dropped a new track titled “How are you doing? 呷飽未?” Originally from Taiwan, this magnificent artist releases meaningful yet creative tracks that capture the listener’s heart from the very beginning. DJMIKI886’s superb vocal delivery gives the listener a sense of comfort and belonging, thanks to his unique approach and ability to capture an audience via his uniqueness. 

“呷飽未” which is part of the tune’s name, is the most commonly used way of greeting in Taiwan, it means to tell some things you want to say to your family. By naming part of the track “呷飽未,” DJMIKI886 hopes to use Taiwanese words that express the feelings that he misses the most. In a way, he does not wish his family to worry about anything. 

Under his sensual and poignant breath, he distills a catchy vibe. In languidly swaying notes, this artist multiplies the persuasive and dancing percussions. This incredible track “How are you doing? 呷飽未?” is one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard recently. The chorus is so beautiful and the production is very professional. Make sure you listen carefully, there are surprising yet amazing drops in there; DJMIKI886 is a force to be reckoned with!
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