Fletcher Releases A New Album “Girl of My Dreams”

Fletcher, a pop phenomenon from New Jersey who is known for her frank lyrics, has had a profound cultural influence on society by stating the truth with reckless abandon and has continued to develop her bold, open storytelling over her entire discography. 

Brenda Aliendro Shares A Gorgeous New Tune “Fiera”

The infectious melodies of this upbeat tune are accompanied by superb percussion, a funky beat, and lush synthesizers that create an overall cheerful, feel-good atmosphere perfect for those carefree days with your special someone. You can’t help but fall in love with


Björk Drops New Single “Ovule”

In August, rising pop star Björk revealed that she’s working on her new album “Fossora,” which arrives later in September. She released “Atopos” – a chaotic lead single off the album last week, and now she’s back with a calmer track named